PPC -fpic bug introduced recently

Jeffrey A Law law@cygnus.com
Sat Oct 9 22:34:00 GMT 1999

  In message < 199910060830.BAA00595@aldrington.ppp.cs.sfu.ca >you write:
  > You wrote:
  > > I'm not sure if you're supposed to have registers which are fixed and
  > > yet call-saved.  On the other hand, it clearly makes sense to do so.
  > Yeah, that had me wondering too...   Clearly that's what PIC code on
  > the PPC wants, the only question is whether somehow some part of gcc's
  > internals could be consider it an impossible case and stumble.  Perhaps
  > we need the blessing of an expert in these matters -- or failing that, a
  > quick check to see if there are fixed call-saved registers used on other
  > processor architectures.
  > One question is what the official semantics of a fixed call-saved register
  > should be (if they aren't defined anywhere right now).  Presumably it
  > should mean ``if the register is changed by code the compiler emits, it
  > will be saved; otherwise it *may* not be saved'' (c.f. other possible
  > semantics, such as ``the register should always be saved on entry to
  > and restored on exit from every function whether it appears to be used
  > or not'').
The compiler currently requires that fixed registers be marked as call
clobbered.  Failure to mark a fixed register as call clobbered will result
in incorrect code generation.

rth & Jim & I talked about this some while I was in Sunnyvale; I think we
agreed that it made sense to support call-saved fixed registers.  However,
supporting them will require someone to spend some time slogging through the
various passes to fix their behavior for this case.


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