Optimization causing Internal Compiler Error

Tim Beckmann tbeckman@edcmail.cr.usgs.gov
Tue Oct 5 07:11:00 GMT 1999


Attached are the .c, .i, and .s files for a bug I'd like to report.

GCC version: 2.95.1
Platform: Sun Solaris 2.7 (SunOS machinename 5.7 Generic_106541-07 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-Enterprise returned by uname -a)
Compiler options: -O

The compiler error message reads:

correlate.c:531: Internal compiler error in `final_scan_insn', at final.c:2920
Please submit a full bug report.

The internal compiler error disappears if -O is removed from the command line.  Alternately, if you comment out lines 277 and 288 of the source code, the internal compiler error disappears.  Both of those lines read:

   for (fltmax = 4.0 * diff, count = 0; fltmax > 32767; count++) fltmax /= 2.0;

Attempting to recreate a simple example that exhibited this problem was not successful.  I think the lines preceding the two lines have some kind of effect on the problem (even though the lines preceding those lines are buggy...).


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