Compiler Error

Martin v. Loewis
Mon May 24 11:18:00 GMT 1999

> I think a snapshot of the source-code would not be helpful because I actually
> do not know in which part the error is located.

Since it was an "Internal compiler error", it was definitely an error
in egcs. I compiled it with gcc-2.95 19990523 (prerelease), and this
compiler does not crash.

However, the compiler reports a *huge* number of compiler errors,
which all need to be taken care of.

If I compile it with "-w -fpermissive" (which makes it accept a lot of
non-compliant code without diagnostic), it will still complain

../fmol/fmolfunc.h: In function `class binder2nd_m<plus_m<double> > bind2nd_m<plus_m<double>, double>(const plus_m<double> &, const double &)':
../fmol/vector.h:193:   instantiated from here
../fmol/fmolfunc.h:104: invalid use of member `binary_function<double,double,double>::second_argument_type'

which indicates a missing "typename" keyword. (I'm puzzled as to why
the "implicit typename extension" of egcs doesn't work here).

I would strongly encourage you to fix the other errors in your code as
well, and to take any warning the compiler gives you seriously. Maybe
if you fix all the warnings, egcs 1.1 will not crash anymore. If it
still does, I guess you either move to a snapshot, or you wait for the
release of gcc 2.95.


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