cc1 crash with -funroll-all-loops analyzed

Jeffrey A Law
Tue May 18 02:30:00 GMT 1999

  In message < >you write:
  > >That's precisely what you need to figure out.  ie, is it valid not to have
  > >a previous insn which sets (reg:CC 147).
  > I guess not :-(.
In general, I agree, but what I'm trying to determine is, in the context
of copying a loop body for unrolling can we validly end up with this situation.

I can imagine ways we could copy those loops where it would be possible, but
I haven't actually looked at the unroller's code to determine what's happening.

One way to attack this is to find out why the prev insn of the jump was
turned into a NOTE_INSN_DELETED, then try to work forward to determine if
we've got a case where we can (temporarily) have a jump insn with no
previous compare insn.

  > and accordingly move_movables moves them out of the loop lateron :-(,
  > leaving a lonely conditional jump behind. Where to go from here? This
  > bug begins to scare me...
Hoisting a compare is fine, for a non-cc0 machine that's no different than
hoisting any other loop invariant.  But we can't hoist the conditional jump
(one day :-)  

But even when we hoist the compare, it should still end up on the insn 
chain before the jump_insn which uses the output of the compare insn.  Thus
prev_nonnote_insn (jump_insn)) shouldn't return zero.

  > >BTW, have you been able to bootstrap egcs on linuxppc?  
  > Currently no problem, I can bootstrap fine on LinuxPPC with -O2/-O2
Odd.  I have access to a linux-ppc machine right now running linuxppc 4 and
it blows up, as best as I can tell in xgcc in the macro expanded isalpha

I've already upgraded the assembler, so that should not be the problem.  ANy
other ideas to get this thing running? 


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