Incorrect options passed to ld on i386-pc-solaris2 with -mimpure-text

Jeffrey A Law
Mon May 17 01:00:00 GMT 1999

  In message < >you write:
  > The sparc version of gcc has the -mimpure-text option that causes -z
  > text not to be passed to ld.  The i386 version does not do this.  This
  > causes problems when compiling the java 1.2 sources on Solaris 2.7/i386.
  > The following patch seems to correct the problem (the change was copied
  > in from the sparc version of the file):
Don't you also need to add -mimpure-text to TARGET_SWITCHES in

You should also update invoke.texi to mention the new switch under the
"i386 Options".


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