egcs-19990502 u77-test.f failure on Irix6.5

Zack Weinberg
Mon May 3 15:16:00 GMT 1999

On 3 May 1999 20:12:23 -0000, wrote:
>>I am not a Sparc assembly expert, but the pointer arithmetic looks
>>very suspicious to me.  If it does what I think it does, we are
>>handing G77_ctime_0 zero for its `xstime' parameter when invoked as a
>Well, you cut off the delay slot after the last call.  My guess is that
>it looks like this:
>>        add %fp,-112,%o2
>In which case, the right thing *is* being passed.

Aargh.  I forgot about the delay slots.  It is different:

        add %fp,-116,%o2

>Ah.  But.  I see the problem.  g77 is passing a `long *' for xstime,
>even though it really points to an `int', not a `long'.  Naughty.  I
>was wondering why there was an apparently spurious "st %l1,[%fp-116]"
>before the second call, why earlier there was a "std" into what
>seemed to be the location for `i', etc.  Looking at the Irix6 output
>Tim sent confirmed this.

Does your analysis change knowing what was in the delay slot?


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