-finline-functions makes trouble

Thorsten Bagdonat t.bagdonat@tu-bs.de
Mon May 3 08:35:00 GMT 1999

I have attached a C++ code which I'm currently working on.
If it is compiled using -finline-functions it won't work
correctly. Otherwise it does fine. 

I figured out, that this has to have something to do with
the class 'vfield', especially the 
double* vfield::operator () (int x,int y,int z) {
  return data+x*ydim*zdim*3+y*zdim*3+z*3;
function. Whenever this is processed using -finline-functions
the program behaves strangely.

I have to say that I'm doing C programming for quite a while, but C++
only for some weeks, so maybe, there is something simple I overlooked. 

Is this a bug?

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