Does EGCS Support ARC

Warner Losh
Fri Jan 29 22:41:00 GMT 1999

In message < > Catherine Fong writes:
: Is ARC one of the targets that EGCS supports?

ARC == Advanced Risc Computing.  The arc target is likely the
mipsel-unknown-openbsd target, which for a while was known as
arc-unknown-openbsd.  I don't know how much of that support made it
into egcs.  I have been able to build a cross compiler/tools on
FreeBSD 3.0 for mipsel-unknown-openbsd2.3 from the OpenBSD.  I have
also build support for linux as well.

I'm curious about what you are doing with arc.  I have an old mips
based arc machine and there aren't too many people around that have
this hardware.


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