Debugging problems on DEC-Unix-4.0[a-d] and egcs-1.1b/egcs-1.1.1/egcs-1.0.2

Aurel Balmosan
Tue Jan 26 07:42:00 GMT 1999

Hi all,

Some time ago I posted problems regarding debugging code compiled with the egcs
on DEC-Unix-4.0[a-d]. Due to these problems it is impossible to debug any code
on dec-alpha system. Instet we debug the code on Solaris-2.6 which does not have
the problems. I wonder if we are alone with these problems.

Here a brief description of the problems:
1. The problems show up with gdb-4.16 and gdb-4.17 as well as the latest
snapshot from last year.
2. The problem is that the debugger steps into each function whether or not one
selected 'next' in the gdb or not. (That is the main problem I posted and I
didn't got a reply yet) This does not happen with libraries and modules compiled
with the standard 'cc' supplied by DEC-Unix even if some of them are linked with
egcs generated modules.
3. The problem arise with any egcs version with and without explicitly
configuring --with-stabs

Does someone know if this is a common problem?



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