Jeffrey A Law
Fri Jan 15 15:11:00 GMT 1999

  In message < >you write:
  > Further to my previous report on egcs-bugs, the head tree as of
  > yesterday (January 4, 1999) reported:
  > make[1]: Entering directory `/cvs/egcs/builds/build-powerpc-nto-native/gcc'
  > powerpc-nto-gcc  -DIN_GCC -DHAIFA  -DSVR4  -g -O1  -DHAVE_CONFIG_H    -I. -
  > I../../../gcc -I../../../gcc/config -I../../../gcc/../include -c insn-recog
  > .c
  > insn-recog.c: In function `recog_1':
  > insn-recog.c:129: parse error before `__attribute__'
  > insn-recog.c:138: parse error before `__attribute__'
  > insn-recog.c:147: parse error before `__attribute__'
This bug has been fixed.


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