egcs 1.1.1 : debug mode support for SGI IRIX5.3

Pasha Murat
Tue Jan 12 08:00:00 GMT 1999

Jeffrey A Law writes:
 >   In message < >you write:
 >   > /data69/upgrade/murat/egcs-19990103>gcc -v -o test010.exe ~/test/
 >   >  -lstdc++ -lm
 > Umm.  Don't you need "-g" to get debug symbols? 
 > jeff

Yep! - finally I made a stupid mistake....  Jeff and Alexandre -  thanks a lot!
Closing the subject: I think that the original problem (reported back in December) 
was due to that I didn't specify a target platform when configuring  the build and 
used just

> ./configure --host=mips-sgi-irix5.3 --with-gnu-as 

It looks like --target=mips-sgi-irix5.3 is also necessary. 

 thanks for your time, guys, and I bring my apologies for generated noise, 


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