alternative tokens (and, or and not)

Mike Stump
Mon Jan 4 16:33:00 GMT 1999

> From: "Andy.Robb" <>
> To: "''" <>
> Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 17:24:05 -0000

> The draft specification for ANSI C++ specifies several alternative
> tokens that are equivalent to the ANSI C tokens, e.g:

> !	not
> &&	and
> ||	or

> I successfully compiled a program using the alternative token,
> "not", under HP-UX aCC.  However, egcs-1.1.1 did not come up with
> the goods.  Are there plans to support alternative tokens under
> egcs?

@item -foperator-names
Recognize the operator name keywords @code{and}, @code{bitand},
@code{bitor}, @code{compl}, @code{not}, @code{or} and @code{xor} as
synonyms for the symbols they refer to.  @samp{-ansi} implies

I'd be nice to get a warning in for them and then to turn them on

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