Binaries compiled with gcc-2.95.2 won't execute.

Mark Burgess
Fri Dec 31 20:54:00 GMT 1999

> > This is a "feature" of solaris/sparc. Compilation and portability do
> > not commute. You should compile on the oldest architecture you have
> > if you want the result to run on every host. Not all solaris/sparc
> > chips are architecturally compatible. The same applies with any program,
> > but you can't always tell which programs are going to fail. It has to
> > do with library calls, and changes in OS etc etc...
> But why does it say "exec format error" then? I'd expect a bus error,
> for illegal instructions, but not that...
> Regards,
> Martin

Presumably the compiler knows about the differences and uses a different
magic number? I don't know, but I have seen this before and it certainly
has nothing to do with cfengine.


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