openssl reveals a problem

Roger W. Brown
Fri Dec 31 20:54:00 GMT 1999


Summary:  Recent mainline versions of egcs/gcc fail the
          the validation tests in the openssl-0.9.4 package.


  .  The problem only appears when the -fomit-frame-pointer
     flag is used in openssl compilations

  .  It seems to be an ix86 problem, it is absent from my
     linuxppc system. 

  .  Dima Volodin has isolated the "bad code" that causes
     the failure.

  .  Snapshot egcs-19991102 passes all tests.
     Snapshot egcs-19991110 fails the destest.

     Snapshot egcs-19991110 with gcc/reload.c and
     gcc/reload1.c replaced by "19991102" editions
     of these files, passes all tests.

  This is about as much as I can do with this problem.  
  It needs an expert to review the changes made to
  reload.c and reload1.c


  Roger Brown    bregor at anusf dot anu dot edu dot au

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