Soliciting help with libstdc++ and exceptions

Alexandre Oliva
Tue Dec 21 14:52:00 GMT 1999

On Dec 21, 1999, "Martin v. Loewis" <> wrote:

>> Of course.  Otherwise, how do you expect the exception-handling
>> framework to be able to properly restore the contents of registers?

> That sounds like the architecture was "growing" new hard registers -
> so short before its death :-)

I wasn't thinking about IA32 in particular.  Anyway, one could think
about MMX registers or any other kind of stuff that wouldn't apply to
the full x86 series, but only to some of the newer processors.

> I wonder if we could live without these two extra registers (flags,
> fpsr) in the frame state. Is it possible to construct an example
> where that would lead to incorrect behaviour?

I doubt it, since at least flags are not saved across function calls.
I don't know what fpsr is.

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