Soliciting help with libstdc++ and exceptions

Martin v. Loewis
Tue Dec 21 04:17:00 GMT 1999



After reading this text, I can see the problem, but I cannot see the

First, why could it ever happen that one copy of libgcc.a was compiled
with --enable-threads, and the other was not? I know that it is easy
to configure that way, but I thought that the platform pretty much
defines what to use. In particular, on Linux, you should always
configure the compiler with --enable-threads - right? So if you don't,
you loose.

More interesting, what is the specific problem that is causing the
bug? AFAICT, none of the signatures involved depend on
--enable-threads (including the layout of objects passed as
parameters). All stuff that depends on --enable-threads is static in

Any insights appreciated,


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