[Freeware] iM@te Web Mail Server 2.0

rei sysop@imate.net
Sat Dec 18 02:26:00 GMT 1999

You can have your own Internet Homepage, Mail System, BBS System.

iMate Free Web Mail Server is an email for noncommercial use that supports 
SMTP, POP3, and HTTP protocols. iMate has a Web server, mail server, 
Web mail engine, and contains a WYSWYG HTML editor so anybody can make Web 
pages or HTML mail. 
It also informs you whether the receiver read your mail. Functions include email, 
a bulletin board system, and a home page manager
This is for Windows95/98/2000/NT(Linux comming soon) and supports English and Korean 
(Japanese, Chinese comming soon).

Download : http://www.imate.net/download/iMateSetup.exe 
Homepage :  http://www.imate.net
Email : sysop@imate.net
Concatus International

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