Solaris2.7 w/native assembler cannot bootstrap since11/23 ...

David S. Miller
Sun Dec 12 19:56:00 GMT 1999

   From: Mark Mitchell <>
   Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 18:55:08 -0800

   >>>>> "Kaveh" == Kaveh R Ghazi <> writes:

       Kaveh> 	Since about Nov 23rd, I haven't been able to bootstrap
       Kaveh> gcc on sparc-sun-solaris2.7 when using cc for stage1 and
       Kaveh> the native assembler.

   I've seen a large number of bug reports on this issue in that time,
   and it's been almost three weeks.  Solaris is a major platform; I
   personally know of GCC development work not being done because the
   person involved has only a Solaris workstation and cannot bootstrap
   the current GCC.

Mark, 64-bit Sparc is not even a supported target yet.  All of the
sparc backend maintainers are working night and day to make the 64-bit
backend work finally.

   Kaveh, can you identify the offending patch?  If so, I bet you, me, or
   the author can identify the problem with it.  If not, we'll just back
   it out.

Jakub sent out a mail out today stating he would address and fix this

One can always tell the configure process to build a 32-bit only
compiler and egcs will bootstrap and run successfully.

David S. Miller

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