Internal error

Dobes Vandermeer
Fri Dec 10 14:00:00 GMT 1999

It said I should compile a full bug report, but I expect you can
reproduce this very easily without including tons of stuff.  Just check
out the latest gcc from the CVS repository, and try to use it compile
the latest RELEASE of gcc.  This is the error:

./genattr ../../gcc/config/i386/ > tmp-attr.h
switch format wrong in rtl.read_rtx(). format was: *.
        file position: 3421
genattr: Internal compiler error in `read_rtx', at ../../gcc/rtl.c:888 

make[1]: *** [s-attr] Error 33
make[1]: Leaving directory `/Net/elmer/u/dobes/gcc-2.95.2/build-dir/gcc'
make: *** [all-gcc] Error

I had another problem with the CVS version of the compiler which I will
also report: It fails to compile any objective-C sources, crashing in
some garbage collection routine.  This is why I was trying to compile
the older version of the compiler, and discovered this other error. 
Clearly some quality control is needed for your check-in procedure to
keep the latest version at least moderately usable.


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