Build problem on DU/alpha

Alexander Mai
Thu Dec 2 07:28:00 GMT 1999


I think I've just discovered why most my latest attempts to build a 
recent gcc/egcs version on Digital Unix/alpha 4.0x failed 
(ok, there are other reasons for this sometimes, but this is 
a general one). By now I did never look for the reasons,
but it is simple to find if one just looks closely
at the screen:

To overcome certain problems I've set the environment variables 


(the latter also indicates that gcc is not yet on the
level of cc ...). When building gcc with 'cc' at first
('make bootstrap') CFLAGS are ignored at first by
configure (the created Makefiles), then when stage one 
compiler is used it shows up (!?) and breaks things.
This is not a 100% precise description perhaps,
but an expert on the configuration business of gcc
should be able to locate the problem quite easily now.

There probably many possible solutions, from echoing a
warning upon configure run, ignoring CFLAGS, checking 
for valid ones, ...
The minimal one would be adding a note to the docs.
As far as I can see gcc/INSTALL has no explicit 
statement to take of this problem (though CFLAGS 
is mentioned a few times). But a built-in fix/workaround
would be preferred!

BTW, I'm not subscribed to any gcc mailinglists, so please
CC: any response to me. Thanks!

Alexander Mai

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