Behavior of intrinsic function mod in egcs fortan 77
Fri Apr 30 23:15:00 GMT 1999

>g77 version pgcc-2.91.57 19980901 (egcs-1.1 release) (from FSF-g77 version
>    0.5.24-19980804)
>Pentium II system w. Stampede Linux 0.89, Kernel version 2.2.5
>(stampede linux bug list is cc'ed)

egcs-bugs is not the right want the list for pgcc (I don't
know the email address offhand).

>Try mod(any_integer_larger_than_+-128,some_iteger), ex:
>   print*,mod(128,11)    gives -7 !!

Not on my Pentium II system running RedHat Linux 5.2 using egcs 1.1.2;
it prints 7, as it (indeed) should.

        tq vm, (burley)

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