egcs/linux networking problem isolated

Horst von Brand
Fri Apr 30 23:15:00 GMT 1999

Alan Modra <> said:


> Of course, you still can use mix-n-match if you appropriately edit
> include/asm/spinlock.h.  That's what I've just done, and now a completely
> egcs compiled kernel works ok.  I wonder if somewhere in the linux kernel
> build process, files are being preprocessed by gcc-2.7.2/cpp (/lib/cpp is
> a link to gcc-2.7.2/cpp on my system), or if egcs has a problem with empty
> structures in some circumstances.

It is gcc which has serious problems with initializers of empty structures
under certain circumstances. I reported that way back, which lead to the
current "gcc_is_buggy" field in many structures under gcc-2.7.2.
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