bootstrapping problems with native compiler

Dave Love
Fri Apr 30 23:15:00 GMT 1999

[Presumably this is old news, but doing my duty...]  It apepars not to
be possible to build the snapshot with a non-gcc native compiler.  The
initial stage (or `make LANGUAGES=c') tries to build the non-C
languages too, with the native compiler and gcc-specific flags.  There
also seem to be circular dependencies in the Makefile, at least on
some targets, even if you do get that far.  The latter is manifest (at
least) for stmp-multilib, dependent on cplib2.txt as reported by make.

I got somewhere by commenting out `LANG_LIB2FUNCS =' in Makefile on
irix6, but don't seem to have built f77 correctly with LANGUAGES='c
f77'.  I'll try to figure out the G77 build, but am afraid I'm too
lost with the general configuration stuff to debug and fix (especially
the autoconfing).  If the assumption is that other languages put
things in libgcc, I think that's the wrong approach and they should
keep language-specific code in separate libraries like libf2c.

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