collect2/ld/g++ problem on alphaev5-dec-osf4.0d

Alexandre Oliva
Fri Apr 30 23:15:00 GMT 1999

On Apr 30, 1999, (Philipp Thomas) wrote:

> On 29 Apr 1999 18:56:47 -0300, you wrote:
>> object before it.  I think it's quite a hard problem to fix, so I've
>> just worked around it.

> Why should this be hard ? At least in this case it seems it
> shouldn't be much of a problem for collect2 to check for a preceding
> soname option and then treat those two options as one.

-soname isn't used on all systems.  It would have to be fixed on a
system-by-system basis.

> BTW, libtool 1.3 on sourceware or FSF mirrors ? and mirrors.

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