Bug: passing pointer of parameterized function as argument ...

Gerald Gutierrez gutier@intergate.bc.ca
Mon Apr 26 23:05:00 GMT 1999

EGCS version 1.1.2
RedHat Linux 5.2, Intel

EGCS errors when trying to pass a pointer of a paramterized function as an
argument to something else. The following error is observed:

[c]$ g++ -v --save-temps egcsbug2.cc
Reading specs from /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i386-redhat-linux/egcs-2.91.66/specs
gcc version egcs-2.91.66 19990314 (egcs-1.1.2 release)
 /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i386-redhat-linux/egcs-2.91.66/cpp -lang-c++ -v -undef -D__GNUC__=2 -D__GNUG__=2 -D__cplusplus -D__GNUC_MINOR__=91 -D__ELF__ -Dunix -Di386 -D__i386__ -Dlinux -D__ELF__ -D__unix__ -D__i386__ -D__i386__ -D__linux__ -D__unix -D__i386 -D__linux -Asystem(posix) -D__EXCEPTIONS -Asystem(unix) -Acpu(i386) -Amachine(i386) -Di386 -D__i386 -D__i386__ egcsbug2.cc egcsbug2.ii
GNU CPP version egcs-2.91.66 19990314 (egcs-1.1.2 release) (i386 Linux/ELF)
#include "..." search starts here:
#include <...> search starts here:
End of search list.
 /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i386-redhat-linux/egcs-2.91.66/cc1plus egcsbug2.ii -quiet -dumpbase egcsbug2.cc -version -o egcsbug2.s
GNU C++ version egcs-2.91.66 19990314 (egcs-1.1.2 release) (i386-redhat-linux) compiled by GNU C version egcs-2.91.66 19990314 (egcs-1.1.2 release).
egcsbug2.cc: In function `int main(int, char **)':
egcsbug2.cc:18: Internal compiler error 980715.
egcsbug2.cc:18: Please submit a full bug report to `egcs-bugs@egcs.cygnus.com'.
egcsbug2.cc:18: See <URL: http://egcs.cygnus.com/faq.html#bugreport > for details.[gerald@tiana c]$ ls -l

Enclosed are the source code, and the .ii & .s outputs of the above

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