H8/300 strange #pragma interrupt behaviour

Jussi Ylänen jethro@assari.cc.tut.fi
Fri Apr 23 09:34:00 GMT 1999

With egcs-2.91.66 19990314 (egcs-1.1.2 release) on a linux box, the #pragma
interrupt causes the function entry / exit stuff to be misplaced. For example 
the code (compiled with "h8300-hms-gcc -Wall -mh -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -S
test2.c") has the pushs and pops around function f1(), instead of around i1()
and i2():

volatile int  n;

void f1(void) {n=0;}

void f2(void) {n=1;}

#pragma interrupt
void i1(void) {n++;}

#pragma interrupt
void i2(void) {n--;}

The following code is generated:

;       GCC For the Hitachi H8/300
;       By Hitachi America Ltd and Cygnus Support
;       release F-1
; -O3

        .file   "test2.c"
        .comm _n,2
        .section .text
        .align 1
        .global _f1
        push.l  er0
        push.l  er1
        push.l  er2
        push.l  er3
        push.l  er4
        push.l  er5
        push.l  er6
        sub.w   r2,r2
        mov.w   r2,@_n
        pop.l   er6
        pop.l   er5
        pop.l   er4
        pop.l   er3
        pop.l   er2
        pop.l   er1
        pop.l   er0
        .align 1
        .global _f2
        mov.w   #1,r2
        mov.w   r2,@_n
        .align 1
        .global _i1
        mov.w   @_n,r2
        adds #1,er2
        mov.w   r2,@_n
        .align 1
        .global _i2
        mov.w   @_n,r2
        subs #1,er2
        mov.w   r2,@_n

Also, there seems to be no mention of the #pragma interrupt in the egcs info
files. Is it supported anymore? For embedded environments this pragma is
really useful.

Jussi Ylänen (jethro@iki.fi)

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