B20.1/gdb: problem with code from egcs

Mats Bergstrøm mbe@flexim.no
Fri Apr 23 04:48:00 GMT 1999

On i586-pc-cygwin32, while g++/gdb worked fine in B18, it doesn't in
B20.1/egcs-2.91.66/gdb 4.17.1. The main problem is that next/step
jumps in an unpredictable way.

Because of this new bug,  gdb (and thus g++ as well) now has become
useless for my purposes.

I attach a program that easily demonstrates the problem. I also attach
the Makefile I used and the output I get from the gdb session. Note that
the program suddenly terminates after going into the last but one

Mats Bergstroem.

P.S. I presented the problem to some gdb responsible in cygwin two days
ago. Unfortunately he hadn't the time to solve the problem himself, and
he recommended me to present it to this mailing list instead.

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