objc (current snapshot) doesn't compile

Jeffrey A Law law@upchuck.cygnus.com
Thu Apr 22 23:41:00 GMT 1999

  In message <19990422002250.A22743@liafa1.liafa.jussieu.fr>you write:
  > > Downgrading bison to version 1.25 has allowed me build egcs (latest cvs)
  > > without further complaint.
  > Looking at bison log, the only significant change between 1.25 and 1.27
  > is a re-numbering of tokens, so that they now start at 257 as advertized.
  > So there are two basic possibilities: either objc-parse was the only parser
  > that was rebuilt, in which case it's quite normal it broke (since C/objc
  > parsing are VERY tightly linked), or egcs somehow came out to rely on that
  > bison bug...
  > I don't have any machine in a decent state to check either conjecture 
  > right away... Jeff, which version of bison is used these days ?
My machine seems to have bison-1.25.  I suspect that's probably what most
of the Cygnus folks have.

Hopefully we're just out of sync in the repo and not depending on any
bug/feature of bison-1.25 that is not in bison-1.27.


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