VERY slow compile of CXX - templates and exceptions

Joe Van Andel
Tue Apr 20 09:51:00 GMT 1999

Using gcc version egcs-2.93.19 19990418 (gcc2 ss-980929 experimental)
on Solaris Sparc 2.6

I'm trying to compile 'CXX', from the LLNLDistribution11 package.  This 
package streamlines interfacing C++ to Python, by heavy use of 
templates and exceptions.  Trying to compile the CXX demo takes hours on a 
Sparc10, even though the entire package is only ~3500 lines of code.  

If anyone is willing to determine why compiling templates can takes so 
long, CXX would be a great stress test.

You can get LLNL from
You will also need Python 1.5.2 from

You'll need to patch CXX_Objects.diff as follows:

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