Bug in current versions of egcs and gcc

Mary Papakhian mpapakhi@indiana.edu
Fri Apr 16 11:34:00 GMT 1999

Dear egcs and gcc maintainers,

After upgrading to AIX 4.3.2 on our IBM SP system, I find that
neither gcc or egcs can be used to create reliable executables
for large programs.

I have successfully built and installed the current releases of
both egcs (egcs-1.1.2) and gcc (gcc-2.8.1).  If I compile a very
large program, specifically emacs-20.3, the program compiles OK
with both egcs and gcc, but when I try to invoke the resulting 
emacs executables, both core dump immediately with a segmentation
fault.  This does not occur for smaller programs.

I am able to run the emacs executable built with the native
IBM C compiler.     

Has this problem been reported?  Is there a fix in the works?

			        Mary Papakhian
		       	   Research and Technical Services
                        University Information Technology Services
                              Indiana University
                                (812) 855-2597

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