egcs-19990405 fixincludes SHELL requirement (hpux10.20) -Reply

Tim C Prince
Tue Apr 6 12:01:00 GMT 1999

Yes, of course I meant the fixincludes script didn't run under csh.

>>> 04/05/99 05:26pm >>>
> The new fixincludes apparently depend on the SHELL

Regeneration of the fixes does.  The fixes themselves should

> environment being set to a suitable value.  Could this be fixed
> having the scripts specify /bin/sh or should it be documented?
> SHELL=/bin/ksh appears to work on hpux10.20.  HP's broken
> csh doesn't.
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Thank you.  The oversight was added to fixinc/genfixes
this morning.  I always use a Bourne shell derivative...

Please forward to egcs-bugs.  Thanks.


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