extern "C" typedefs

Todd Vierling tv@pobox.com
Thu Oct 22 04:18:00 GMT 1998

On Wed, 21 Oct 1998, Josh MacDonald wrote:

: I may be falling behind in the seemingly perpetual evolution of C++, 
: but since this is in an extern "C" scope, it seems that it should
: accept it.  It complains:

extern "C" has nothing to do with looser type-checking rules.  Under C++,
the more strict C++ type-checking rules always exist, no matter what the
_linkage_ of a declaration is.

AFAIK, you can't do a typedef before the declaration for any type in C++.

-- Todd Vierling (Personal tv@pobox.com; Bus. todd_vierling@xn.xerox.com)

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