bootstrap failed in OpenServer 5.0.4

Robert Lipe
Tue Oct 20 20:50:00 GMT 1998

> I am getting bootstrap failed to egcs Oct 19 1998 when compiling
> egcs/gcc/cp/ The fall is not in egcs files if not in SCO as,
> however this file is compiled succesfully with egcs 1.1b

Could you please send me a build of that file adding '--save-temps' so I 
can see the exact things that your preprocessor is emitting as well as the
exact assembler output that is being passed to your assembler?

There were some fixes in the recent OSR5 assemblers.  I'm not seeing
this problem (I'm on 5.0.5) but from the arguments that I can piece together
from your message, it seems like you're using non-default arguments to the 
bootstrap process.

This might be significant.


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