I hope it will help

Daniel Adler dadler@gwdg.de
Sun Oct 18 08:33:00 GMT 1998

hi developers,

i got a nice compiler message about internal error... hmm..the real bug
was that i called a method
without the () in a if clause:

void entered (GtkEntry *entry, DirView *dv)
	char *text;
	text = gtk_entry_get_text(entry);
	ServiceHandler *h = new ServiceHandlerFS(text);
	if (h->isDir) // should be "h->isDir()"
		g_print("its a directory\n");

g++  -Wall -g -DUSE_PTHREADS   testdirview.cc dirview.o uidirview.o
uiclist.o uielement.o servicehandler_fs.o servicehandler.o thread.o
dirlist.o lock.o  -lpthread `gtk-config --libs` -o testdirview
testdirview.cc: In function `void entered(struct _GtkEntry *, class
DirView *)':
testdirview.cc:13: Internal compiler error.
testdirview.cc:13: Please submit a full bug report to
make: *** [testdirview] Error 1

hope that will help you!


so long,

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