latest snapshot won't find C++ header files

Jeffrey A Law
Mon Oct 12 13:54:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > This has always been like this, and the unsublibdir patch hasn't
  > modified it, AFAIK.  For separate builds, it has always been an
  > undocumented user's responsibility to make sure that the appropriate
  > links to as and ld are set up in the build tree if they can't be found
  > in a pre-existing install tree.  --with-as= and --with-ld= do solve
  > this problem, for the cases in which the previous assumption isn't
  > true.
While it is true that it's always been the user's responsibility to make sure
the assembler, linker, etc are found during a separate build, unlibsubdir
broke the easiest way for a user to deal with this problem.


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