latest snapshot won't find C++ header files

Jeffrey A Law
Sun Oct 11 01:48:00 GMT 1998

  In message < 13852.28709.947638.790995@slsvhmt >you write:
  > The source of the problem is: the root directory for locating files is
  > $(libsubdir), and this usually *does not exist while you're building a
  > new snapshot*,   hence assemblers, linkers,   binutils, include  files
  > (forgot anything?)  won't be found at build time.
Hmmm.  I think I know why this is failing in egcs, but not for Cygnus.

Cygnus always builds with everything in the source tree.  gas, gdb, binutils,
etc etc etc.

If you look at gcc's configure process, it'll set up links to the assembler,
loader and other stuff it needs if those tools are being built at the same

Obviously if you're not using a one tree build, then it won't make those links.
So we then look at the -B argument as a prefix and try to locate the tools,
then we look at the builtin prefix, then finally the user's path.

How do we want to deal with this?  We'd really like to be able to (soon) move
the entire install tree around without farting with recompilation, environment
variables, etc, etc.  While this was originally inspired by the Windows folks,
it's quite helpful in the Unix world too (and in fact, people have started
asking about it :-)

One possibility would be to create libsubdir earlier.  I don't like that idea.

include files shouldn't ever be found in the install directory during building
anyway -- so if the search is changed and we can't find the new directory
during the build, nothing should have changed.  What am I missing on the
include issue?


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