egcs-2.91.57/SunOS 4.1.3/fixincludes

Jeffrey A Law
Sat Oct 10 03:45:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  >     Hello,
  >     This is not really a bug, I have to compile some fairly old
  >     programs that are using RPC calls. I was wondering if some files
  >     could be added to the fixincludes script for SunOS 4. The one I
  >     had in mind was clnt.h, I also need svc.h to be fixed. Actually
  >     they need to be processed in the same way as xdr.h
  >     I'd be happy to provide the patch to fixincludes, but I had two
  >     questions about doing that (I hope they aren't too dumb):
  >     Do I just have to provide a block of command like for rpc/xdr.h?
  >     How does the script know which block of commands to apply?
Look at the code.  Basically it tries every fix in the fixinclude script,
so it'll try both the irix and sunos blocks.

Instead of adding a new block, I recommend you change the xdr.h block to
iterate over the files that need fixing.  There should be sample code
elsewhere in fixincludes you can copy and modify as appropriate.


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