latest snapshot won't find C++ header files

Manfred Hollstein
Thu Oct 8 01:03:00 GMT 1998

On nil, 7 October 1998, 23:16:17, wrote:

 > Jeffrey A Law <> writes:
 > >   In message < >you write:
 > >> I see, but the assumption that exec_prefix must be prefix or a
 > >> subdirectory thereof may break existing behavior; isn't it too strong?
 > >> Anyway, here's a patch that should simplify things...  Ok to install?
 > > Let's slow down a little.  I don't see that anything got simpler,
 > > particularly when we also deal with Manfred's problem.
 > I'm just trying to make the Makefile consistent and homogeneous.  The
 > current Makefile produces inconsistent behavior (i.e., different
 > search dirs) depending on whether you enable cpplib or not, it breaks
 > support for --with-gxx-include-dir and --with-local-prefix, and it
 > causes cppp to search for C++ header-files in the wrong directory.
 > The patch I have submitted is supposed to fix the gxx-include-dir
 > problem, but not the local-includes one.  It might be incomplete, in
 > the sense that it doesn't handle the case in which exec_prefix is
 > unrelated with prefix, but then, neither does the current code.
 > Furthermore, if one is going to fix it in the future, it will be
 > easier to fix it if the fix is the same everywhere, which is why I say
 > my patch makes it simpler.
 > Please look again at my patch and notice that I'm only factoring the
 > changes introduced by the unlibsubdir patch into gxx_include_dir,
 > includedir and tooldir, and propagating them into other targets (such
 > as cpplib) that were not updated to the unlibsubdir patch.

I've actually posted a similar patch already; but, the problem with my
patch is, that it doesn't fix the  situation with a `not yet installed
compiler  not  finding the   relevant  directories', which  your patch
doesn't fix, too, either.

The source of the problem is: the root directory for locating files is
$(libsubdir), and this usually *does not exist while you're building a
new snapshot*,   hence assemblers, linkers,   binutils, include  files
(forgot anything?)  won't be found at build time.


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