latest snapshot won't find C++ header files

Jeffrey A Law
Wed Oct 7 16:36:00 GMT 1998

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  > Jeffrey A Law <> writes:
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  > >> Alexandre Oliva <> writes:
  > >> it seems to assume $exec_prefix must be a subdirectory of $prefix,
  > >> which is not always true
  > > The point behind libunsubdir is to make it easier to move the installed
  > > tree around without having to fart around with GCC_EXEC_PREFIX or rebuild
  > > the tools.
  > I see, but the assumption that exec_prefix must be prefix or a
  > subdirectory thereof may break existing behavior; isn't it too strong?
  > Anyway, here's a patch that should simplify things...  Ok to install?
Let's slow down a little.  I don't see that anything got simpler, particularly
when we also deal with Manfred's problem.

We have two problems with the unlibsubdir code, and I think they both can be
fixed by having configure substitute in a suitable value for unlibsubdir
instead of blindly using ../../..

See my message to Manfred from last night.


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