1.1b: C++ internal compiler error

Jeffrey A Law law@cygnus.com
Wed Oct 7 11:09:00 GMT 1998

  In message < 19981007163613.A5018@wi.leidenuniv.nl >you write:
  > On Wed, Oct 07, 1998 at 11:07:48AM +0000, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
  > > J H M Dassen <jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl> writes:
  > > > Unfortunately, the g++ -E output on these files is too large to include
  > .
  > > 
  > > How large is too large?  Can't you just bzip2 it? 
  > bzip2-ed it's about 50K.
Go ahead and send it.

Even if it's rejected by the list server, as long as the size is reasonable
and it's been compressed I'll approve it for posting on the list.

Basically we want to use the message size limit to prevent folks from posting
multi-megabyte core files and encourage them to compress testcases :-)


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