bug in g++: cannot redefine endl

Reiner Suikat Reiner.Suikat@dlr.de
Wed Oct 7 08:48:00 GMT 1998

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> Reiner Suikat <Reiner.Suikat@dlr.de> writes:
> > I am unable to redefine iostream functions (e.g. endl).
> You're not supposed to.  They're part of the standard library, you
> can't redefine them.
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Sorry, I don't agree! We are working on porting a rather large software project to linux, and it uses a redefined endl. Neither SGI's own compiler nor gnu compiler complain about this on the SGI platform. 
So, if it is not allowed to redefine parts of the standard library, why does gcc allow to do so on SGI?
Besides, what is the big diference in redefining a function of the standard library vs redefinng a function in any other library?

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