G77 Direct problem

Dave Love d.love@dl.ac.uk
Tue Oct 6 11:49:00 GMT 1998

[I'm copying this back to the relevant lists as it may indicate a

>>>>> "SMS" == Suhaib M Siddiqi, Ph D <ssiddiqi@inspirepharm.com> writes:

 SMS> Thanks,
 SMS> It is fixed.


 SMS> Yes it is about WHAT IF, but ported to Windows, and no Rob Hooft
 SMS> cannot help.  I communicated with him.  They would rather not
 SMS> touch Windows issue.

I can sympathize, though with the current GNUish tools it shouldn't be
much of an issue.  Anyhow:

 SMS> The code does compile on UNIX.  I was compiling on CygWin32 with
 SMS> EGCS 1.1 and it gives the error.  Changing record length fixed
 SMS> it.

Do you mean that g77 behaves differently under Unix and CygWin32 or
that you used a different compiler under Unix?  (Even so, I'd expect
the Unix compilers of interest to act the same as g77 by default.)
The behaviour of g77 should be the same on all systems in this
respect, at least; if it isn't, we need to investigate.  Thanks in
advance for information.

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