build failure: linuxppc/egcs-19980914

Jeffrey A Law
Fri Oct 2 01:40:00 GMT 1998

  In message <>you write:
  > Hi,
  > I would like to report a build failure.  On linuxppc (release 4), the
  > snapshots since the 1.1 release are unable to bootstrap:
  > (I used egcs-1.1b compiler to do the initial build -- same failure
  >  mode is present with egcs-1.0.2pre)
  > Below, I've included some lines from the logfile in the vicinity of the 
  > abort.  Notice that in some cases the line numbers are not meaningful.  
  > E.g., one diagnostic is reported as line 106 million 
  > (egcs-19980914/gcc/crtstuff.c:106588957) and then later as a 
  > negative number (egcs-19980914/gcc/crtstuff.c:-586344).
The symptoms you listed would tend to make me think the compiler you're using
to build egcs is mis-compiling egcs.


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