Debugging using gdb-4.16/gdb-4.17 with egcs-1.1b on DecUnix-4.0[a-d]

Aurel Balmosan
Mon Nov 30 08:28:00 GMT 1998

Hello all,

Since egcs-1.1b we have extrem problems debugging C as well as C++ programes.
The programs and libraries are made using egcs-1.1b. What happens is that when
setting a break point and then trying to step through the function  using 'next'
the debugger goes into each function as 'step' was used. This happens only for
functions compiled with egcs-1.1b . System libraries functions (motif-functions
and X11 functions too) are not affected. We tryed every supported debug format
(-ggdb with different levels -gdwarf with different levels ...) but no success.

Currently we don't know if the problem also show up on Solaris2.6/2.5.1 but we
know that there is no problem with Linux-2.0.35.

Maybe someone know the problem already and know a solution to it.


    Aurel Balmosan.

Aurel Balmosan           | Department SE-SW
ORGA Kartensysteme GmbH  | phone: +49 5254 991 824
An der Kapelle 2         | fax  : +49 5254 991 749
33104 Paderborn, Germany |

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