Dimitri PAPADOPOULOS-ORFANOS papadopo@shfj.cea.fr
Wed Nov 25 01:01:00 GMT 1998

> > 	ld: warning: file /appli/vidaio/vidaIO-1.3/lib/SunOS/libvidaIOfast.so: section .stabstr: malformed string table, initial or final byte
> > 1) `libvidaIOfast.so' is a C library compiled and linked with egcs-1.0.2.
> >    What does `.stabstr: malformed string table, initial or final byte' mean?
> Are you sure the library wasn't corrupted somehow?


I have two versions of egcs-1.1b:

* One uses -fsquangle by default and has libstdc++ compiled with -fsquangle.
  --> It uses Sun's assembler and linker.

* The other one is a standard installation.
  --> In order for the C++ compiler to work correctly, it uses GNU's as and ld.

While the first version yields all these link-time errors, everything
built fine with the second version. I suddenly realize this error
message has nothing to do with -fsquangle - probably a Sun/GNU ld issue.

In fact, `libvidaIOfast.so' is a C library that was recompiled one month
ago. It seems it was recompiled whith egcs-1.0.2, which I also had to install
with GNU's assembler and linker to have the C++ compiler work correctly on

Now, concerning the rest of the link-time error messages, they appear in
C++ code that has been entirely recompiled with egcs-1.1b using -fsquangle
and Sun's as and ld. I'll have to investigate further...

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