aspell - ICE with 2.92.21 19981116

Matthias Klose
Sat Nov 21 06:47:00 GMT 1998

Compiling the file with -O2 or -O3 produces:

$ /usr/lib/egcs-ss/bin/c++ -c -O3 aspell.ii In function `void test(class Args &, class Options &)': Internal compiler error. Please submit a full bug report to `'.

configure flags: --with-gcc-version-trigger=/export/swt-dev/users/doko/egcs/egcs-snapshot-19981115/gcc/version.c --host=i486-linux --prefix=/usr/lib/egcs-ss --enable-threads --enable-shared -v --enable-haifa --enable-cpplib --enable-c-cpplib --enable-c-mbchar --with-fast-fixincludes --enable-objc-gc --norecursion BOOT_CFLAGS=-O2

The preprocessed compressed file (83k) can be found at

aspell ca be found at

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