Internal compiler error 980711

Jan Braun
Tue Nov 17 08:15:00 GMT 1998


my egcs-1.1b asked me to send you this bug-report, but I'm quiet
shure, you allready know this.

I wanted to compile this function head.  I used JBM as namespace and
matrix<T> is a typo of Matrix<T> which is actually the name of the
class I write.  

template <class T>
JBM::matrix<T>::push_back(const t_vec& _new_column)

I defined 

  typedef vector<T> t_vec;

in the header file.  If I replace `t_vec' with `vector<T>', I still get:
`Internal compiler error 980711.' 

But if I correct the typo, the source is compiled without errors.

If you need more information, don't hesitate to mail me.  Thanks for
your great work.

Have a nice time


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