19981101 snapshot fails install on HPUX-10.20 - patch included

Craig Burley burley@gnu.org
Sun Nov 15 12:33:00 GMT 1998

>On Nov  4, 1998, "Jerry Quinn" <Jerry.Quinn.jquinn@nt.com> wrote:
>> /usr/bin/cc doesn't like prototypes in main() without the -Aa
>> flag and this seems easier:
>I don't understand why ansify.c is being compiled with /usr/bin/cc?
>Only the C front-end should be built in stage1.  Other front-ends
>should only build in the other stages, using the gcc built in the
>previous stage.  Or are you doing `make all' instead of `make

I haven't resubscribed to egcs-bugs yet, but just wanted to let
y'all know that ansify.c isn't part of the g77 front end.  It's
part of the documentation!  In particular, it is used only to
allow the documentation to be produced by someone who doesn't
yet have gcc built.  It converts a file written in an easy-to-maintain
format to a format that an old, vanilla K&R C compiler can #include,
or some such thing.  As such, ansify.c itself must be compilable
by that old, vanilla K&R C compiler.  gcc will do nicely, of course!

        tq vm, (burley)

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