continuing egcs-1.1 problems

Jeffrey A Law
Wed Nov 11 00:26:00 GMT 1998

  In message < >you write:
  > On 11-Nov-98 David Edelsohn wrote:
  > >       *NO* patches to work around this trampoline mess (neither the
  > > tramp.asm compare sense nor increasing the trampoline size from 40 to 48
  > > bytes) will be applied to egcs-1.1 or any other version as this was not a
  > > bug in any official GCC or EGCS distribution.  If there still is a stack
  > > alignment bug, we need to track that down and fix the code in GCC to
  > > maintain alignment.
  > How is it possible that the stack remain 16 byte aligned when an object
  > (the trampoline code) of only 40 bytes is being created [on the stack]?
Because code elsewhere is supposed to guarantee that stacks are always
properly aligned.

We've been through this before.


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