egcs-19981109 libiberty re-configure failure
Tue Nov 10 13:54:00 GMT 1998

On 2 platforms so far (Irix6.4 and cygwin-b19) I have had "make
bootstrap-lean" go successfully through make compare and
then fail the 4th examination of the working of xgcc while
re-configuring in libiberty, like so:

checking for sys/time.h...  (cached) yes
checking whether the C compiler (<build-directory>/gcc/xgcc
-B<build-directory>/gcc/  -B<install-prefix>/<host-prefix>/bin/ -g
-O2) works ... no
......C compiler cannot create executables
make: ***[configure-target-libiberty] Error 1

This problem has occurred on 3 out of 4 platforms  when I have
applied the patch from the previous snapshot, but does not
occur when working directly from the current tarball.  I have one
(slow) case running where I applied the sequence of patches to
an older tarball without ever using the intermediate versions, so
we'll see if that works.
Dr. Timothy C. Prince
Consulting Engineer
Solar Turbines, a Caterpillar Company
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